Origin of Volleyball

Intentionally made to be an indoor sport in 1895, volleyball was not yet the term used for the sport that we know today. A physical educator in the name of William Morgan from Holyoke, Massachusetts invented the sport that was then called “Mintonette” that was inspired from other ball games like tennis and basketball which was invented four years prior to the invention of volleyball.


While volleyball was inspired by other ball games, you may wonder how the game was being played during the time of its conception. Based on the first rules, the game was played on a 25-feet wide and 50-feet long cement court that is being divided with a 6-feet high net. The game can be played with any number of player where each team has nine innings, each having 3-serves for each innings.

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The big difference to the modern game of volleyball is that mintonette allows unlimited number of ball contacts as long as the ball does not hit the ground. In cases where the serve has an error, a second try is allowed while hitting the net is considered a violation.

You may ask now: when was the term volleyball used to replace the term mintonette? When observer Alfred Halstead, during an exhibition game just a year after the game was conceptualized, he noticed the volleying nature of the game, thus the term volleyball was born. It was initially called volley ball and it was only after a few months that the term was fused into one word. The first official ball was created by Spalding, although there has been some dispute on the year where some have claim it was not until 1900 that the official ball made by Spalding was made.

The rules of the game evolved where a three-touch rule and various skills like set and spike was introduced in the Philippines in 1916. A year after, the scoring of the game was changed from 21 to 15 and hitting from the back row was considered a violation. Volleyball has significantly started to become a popular sport when 16,000 volleyballs were distributed by American Expeditionary Forces to their allied countries where Canada was the first country to officially adopt the game.

When the sport of volleyball has spread throughout the world, an international federation was created in 1947 known as FIVB which stands for Federation Internationale de Volleyball. This international committee sponsored the first World Championships in 1949 for men and 1952 for women. Since then, volleyball is a world renowned Olympic sport where variations, like beach volleyball, is also making another popularity mark in history.

Free Apps to Watch Movies on iPhone and Android

Technology has become so advanced nowadays, with smartphones evolving and bringing on new features and advantages you are able to reap! From apps and widgets that can improve your lifestyle and work, you are able to do anything with this small device! Android phones are popular for this, as you are able to customize it however you want to and get all the entertainment and lifestyle apps you need. For entertainment, you have a ton of apps available on Android that have you streaming movies in real time! But with the tons of free apps to watch movies on Android, you’ll most likely be confused as to which one you should get. Not to worry, as we show you the different types of free apps for movie streaming you can download straight into your Android phone!

Free Apps to Watch Movies on Android


If you are planning to download free apps to watch movies on Android, then you should make sure that they are trusted and will work! Here are some of the top free apps you can download and that hold the most benefits and great reputation:

  1. Moviebox /Showbox

This is one of the most popular and reputable apps you can find on all types of devices, may it be for Android, Apple, or even your PC! It’s free of charge and requires no registration whatsoever, and has you choosing from a vast collection of shows.

  1. Popcorn Time

Another app like Moviebox, you’ve got yourself checking out all your favorite movies from around the world, all rolled into one app. It’s easy to use with a search feature that has you browsing through all your favorite movies immediately.

  1. Cinema Box

An awesome part about this app is that you are able to watch all the shows you want, AND download it for watching offline! Plus, it’s compatible with Google Chromecast, so you can plug it into your television and watch it on a bigger screen.

  1. Megabox HD

This is exclusive to Android devices. It’s one of the latest movie streaming apps that have all the new shows you want to watch today. While it’s only available on Android devices for now, you can still use an emulator if you’re using an Apple device or a PC. But this is best for Android users. Click here to download Megabox HD.

  1. Viewster

This is also another one of the most popular movie apps you are able to get for free. Not only can you find all the newest movies, but you are also able to filter the languages and get subtitles for foreign shows. You also get to have access to information of the movies you are interested in watching, from a short synopsis down to the biographies of different actors and actresses playing on the film. You also get to read celebrity news here as well!

In Conclusion

Looking for the best free apps to watch movies on an Android phone? Then check these apps out! You’ll be able to reap the many features each have and be able to stream all you want without hassle. Plus, they’re all free and require no registration whatsoever. Just choose one that suits you and your needs the best, and begin streaming and entertaining yourself with your favorite movies today. If you could download only one app, then we would suggest going with Movie Box for iPhone without looking any further.

Whether you’re coming home from work, want a movie night with loved ones, or just need some time alone, you’ll definitely have fun with a good movie marathon. You can check these apps out in the App or Play Store, or you can find their APK versions online. Download them today and enjoy!

How Legal is a Dash Cam?


Dashboard cameras have been a rage in Russia for a while now. You can hardly find a car which is not fitted with this accessory. The popularity of the dashboard camera varies in other parts of the world due to various reasons. In some places, it’s the affordability. In others, it’s the legality. In the United Kingdom they have become extremely popular, finding the best dash cam uk can be tricky though, but they are becoming more and more accepted there with car insurers even offering discounts with them.

Dashboard cameras have various levels of legal acceptance in different parts of the world. In some countries such as Austria, it is out right illegal to use dashboard cameras. Dash cams fall in the grey areas of encroachment of privacy places. After all, the dash cam it records continuously in public places and that can be viewed as a breach of privacy by some, such as the Austrian legislature. Though it’s ironical to talk about privacy in public places, one cannot change the laws of a country.Dash Cams Legal or Not?

I think it is only fair to spare people from reliving their embarrassing moments on the street. It is one thing having to deal with something embarrassing you do on the street once and quite other to have your picture pasted permanently on google street view. Even worse is when someone’s dashboard camera records you having an awkward moment and the owner posting it on social media. In case you are wondering why people would do such a deed, a brief search on Youtube will tell you that the site is inundated with funny dash cam videos.

In some countries, it is legal to own a dashboard camera but it is illegal to use it in public places. Basically you can record whatever happens in your garage when your vehicle is parked there but nothing more. Care spending money for that?


The rules for taxi-cams are also different in different countries. While it is mostly allowed because you are only recording what is happening inside your vehicle, there are certain limitations. In most countries, it is legal to have the camera record the video but illegal if the camera is recording sound too. Taxi-cams are being encouraged to be fitted by the law enforcement too in handy for the police in tracking criminals and terrorists in recent times.

In some places, it is legal to have dash cams in your car but it is socially frowned upon to use them in public. According to the law of most countries though, the cameras have to be placed and designed appropriately for them to be legal. They cannot be too big to cover a significant part of the wind screen.

In the United States, dash cams laws are different depending upon the state in which you are driving. This adds an additional level of complexity specially is your job or lifestyle involves you driving around in multiple states. It is therefore important to know the laws of the land before installing a dash cam in your car.

While there is no denying the presence of logic in most of these laws, one cannot help but feel sorry if the lack of dash cams was the reason for him to not have recorded beautiful meteor showers or low flying UFOs.

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