Why It’s Best To Use A Solar Powered Gate Opener

Why It's Best To Use A Solar Powered Gate Opener

Most people in the US on some sort of vehicle, usually a car. With that though comes the responsibility of keeping it parked and stored safely at night, that’s why having a secure driveway is very important. If you have a driveway though you need a gate to ensure that anyone can not just drive their car up it and park. You want to have full control over your gate, and only you should be able to open it on demand. That’s why you want an electric controlled gate opener that you have use with a remote control or any type of device, and activate it open when you need to drive your car up it. These gate openers are typically expensive to keep running 24/7 as they need a constant electricity source. What we suggest is buying a good gate opener that’s solar powered. These handy pieces of kit are typically more expensive than your normal gate openers, but because they are solar powered you save yourself a fortune on electricity bills. They work by having a solar panel box installed next to your gate opener that collects sunlight 24/7, and stores the energy ready for use when you want to activate the gate. You can get normal solar powered models or you can get automatic ones that as the name suggests open automatically when you need them to.

Solar is being used more and more across the US for the reasons that it saves you a lot of money, and is an endless autopilot source that you do not have to go out and try and gather. Solar gates are no different, and you will find lots of homeowners using them. There are a few big manufacturers out there in the market space such as Mighty Mule, who have a massive range of gate opener products. Some of the openers come with solar panels as standard, however, some of the models you will have to buy panels separately which will add to the cost. In terms of price you’re typically looking at having to spend in the region of $200-500 for a good one. This may seem expensive for a gate opener as you can get a traditional one cheaper, but the long term cost of having a solar one installed is much better. It’s also much better for the environment having a solar one installed and reduces your carbon footprint dramatically.

If you have a driveway and want to have an electric powered opener for it, we highly suggest you got for a solar model. Think about it, you’ll have an endless supply of energy to it that you won’t even have to pay for. There’s nothing not to love about having one, the only thing that may be off-putting is the price, but think long term and you’ll realize that you could save yourself a fortune. Go green, go solar!