What The Best Vlogging Camera Has

It’s factual that vlogging is here to stay and it’s getting popular. It’s actually a great way to make money using your camera. The challenge facing many aspiring vloggers and some that intend to up their game is on what to consider when buying a camera for your vlog. The market has many cameras with different features and priced differently. It’s this aspect that makes selection a challenge. This article will give you a clear guide on what to look out when buying a vlogging camera.


Image Quality

This is the most important aspect of being a vlogger. Ensure that the camera you choose records in Full HD or at least 1080p. If you can stretch your budget a little further, consider buying one that shoots in either Ultra HD or 4K. Just remember that a camera that shoots videos in 4k requires a quality laptop to facilitate video editing and to help in rendering the entire footage on.


Optical Image Stabilization

Most people vlog while walking or constantly moving. To ensure that your vlogs are of perfect quality (zero shakiness), buy a camera with an already built-in optical image stabilization feature. The results from this camera are far much better when compared to those where video or YouTube editing software are used.


Flip Screen

Rarely talked about by other people in the vlog space, but if you want to take the game seriously then having a camera with a flip screen is essential. Because there is so little out there on these types of cameras, we’ve dug up a guide to the top rated vlogging cameras with a flip screen, so you don’t have to go hunting for days for the right one.

Check the Audio

No one wants to strain so much to get what is being said on any video. Therefore, the microphone of your camera has to be checked. Most built-in microphones are of great quality but unfortunately, they tend to pick some unwanted background sounds. Buying one with a microphone jack may allow you to use your preferred external microphone so as to achieve better sounds on all your vlogs.


Camera Lens

Most vloggers tend to record their videos from an arm’s length way. Therefore, purchasing a camera that will produce quality video recordings when shooting is done from a close range is paramount. It helps prevent you from taking out of focus vlogs.


Camera Weight

Try extending your arm and hold a camera for some minutes. It’s the easier way you will understand this weight aspect. If you intend to carry it around, choose a light weight camera. If your vlogs require setting your camera on a tripod, then the weight issue may not be a big challenge.


Consider Your Needs

Vlogging needs vary from one person to another. If most of your recordings involve capturing adventures and are done while on a constant move, buy an action camera. Get a point and shoot camera if you are interested in a camera that can automatically adjust its focus together with other settings to give a quality recording. If you work in low-light conditions, then get one with a bigger ISO range. It will perform very well in varied lighting situations. Also, if you rarely use a charger during your recordings, get a camera with a longer battery life or whose batteries can easily be changed. Here, all you will need is to buy more batteries. Basically, understand your needs way before you start your search.


This is an aspect that you have to plan for. You can’t miss to pay your rent just because you bought a vlogging camera. Come up with a realist budget and decide how much you can comfortably spend on your camera.


Final Word

If you consider the points above, you will surely buy the best vlogging camera that will make your vlogging process fun. With quality vlogs, you are likely to witness your income from them skyrocket. So go for it.